Joko Widodo

Jokowi: VP Candidates to be Decided Soon

Jokowi has yet to announce vice presidential candidates to run
with him in the election.

Gerindra: Jokowi Needs to Catch Up with Prabowo

Prabowo does not need to appear excessively in the media like
what Jokowi does right now, Gerindra chair Suhardi says.

Jokowi is Busy, Ahok is Sick, Who is Running Jakarta?

The agency heads can execute the governor's and the vice
governor's policies under both leaders' directions and

Jokowi Evaluates School Hours in Jakarta

The Governor opined that the start of school hours in Jakarta is
too early.

Jokowi Mentioned on Exam Sheets, Govt: Unintentional

The questions of the national exams are made by a number of
teachers from multiple regions prior to being checked at the
central level.

Jokowi Inaugurates Renovation of Food Court at Block G

Jokowi hopes the renovation of the food court and the
development of facilities around the Tanah Abang Market can help
vendors boost their income.

National Exams, Jokowi: Be Honest

The Jakarta governor implies honesty is the most important thing
to be taught at school.

The Green House, Jokowi's Personal Project  

The Jakarta Governor, Joko Widodo (Jokowi), had claimed that the
green house project that he funded it from his own pocket had
generated results.

Jokowi Restricts Online Budget Arrangements

The Governor will restrict the budget arrangement by using
online system, such as e-catalog, e-purchasing, and e-

Jokowi Responds to Graft Allegation Targeting Son

Jokowi says political rumors are normal in the present
political atmosphere.

Jokowi: Bus Procurement Observation Escaped the Inspectorate Eyes

The observation of Transjakarta bus procurement had escaped
from the Inspectorate eyes.

Urged to Resign, Jokowi: That's My Business  

A Jakarta councilman from the Gerindra Party, of which Prabowo
Subianto is chairman, has demanded Jokowi resign from his post.

Jokowi: Corruption Case Will Not Disrupt More Bus Purchasing

The Jakarta Governor is going to fix the purchasing system of
Transjakarta buses to avoid similar case appears.

Jokowi Admits Jakarta Smart Card Not Perfect Yet

We will improve the Jakarta Smart Card (KJP), Jokowi says

Jokowi to Sway Abstainers

The wildly popular presidential candidate and Jakarta Governor
Joko Widodo seeks to woo abstainers and undecided voters.