Joko Widodo

Jokowi: Energy Ministry Laden with Mafia

Overcoming the mafia problem requires strong leadership,Jokowi


Jokowi Calls for Post-election Reconciliation

“We hope all Indonesians can mend their broken ties after the
election and become one again,” said Jokowi.

Resignation Letter of Jokowi

The resignation letter of the elected President, Joko Widodo,
from his current post as the Jakarta governor is under legal

Police to Question Jokowi over Obor Rakyat Case  

The police will question President-elect Joko Widodo as a
witness in the defamation case against Obor Rakyat tabloid.

Jokowi Expected to Enhance Indonesia-Malaysia Cooperation

The newly elected President Joko Widodo is expected to
strengthen the already sound relations with Malaysia and to
extend cooperation.

Investors Wait for the Jokowi Cabinet

The market hopes Jokowi's cabinet will comprise of professionals
that can overcome Indonesia's economic problems and challenges,
analyst says.

Jokowi Prepares 500 Lawyers to Face Prabowo in Court

Jokowi and Kalla's legal team leader says he has some 500

lawyers ready to refute Prabowo's allegation against the KPU.

Jokowi to Discuss Transition with Yudhoyono after Lebaran  

Jokowi says Yudhoyono has congratulated him on his presidential
victory and is willing to lend a hand during the transitional

Jokowi, Legislative Council Pass Seven Bills

Jokowi attended a plenary meeting at the Jakarta Legislative
Council (DPRD) to put seven bills into effect.

Police: No Special Security for Jokowi

The number of security personnel assigned to safeguard Jokowi is
the same as that of during the presidential campaign period:
around 100.

Jokowi Leaves Gubernatorial Post in August

Jokowi’s resignation letter will likely be discussed by new
members of the Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD), which will be
inaugurated in August.

Jokowi Triumphs; Rupiah Advances  

Investors respond to Jokowi's triumph by accumulating assets
denominated in rupiah.

Jokowi's Win Expected to Lift JCI Today  

After Prabowo's rejection crushed stocks and the rupiah, the JCI
JCI expected to rebound today following the announcement of
Jokowi's win.

Bull Market Prods Rupiah

Confidence over Jokowi's win motivate investors to buy rupiah-
based assets, analyst says.

Market Welcomes New Government

A market bullish on Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla's win manages to
push the JCI up by 40.10 points to close at 5,127.