Joko Widodo

Jokowi to Announce Cabinet Today

Jokowi's cabinet will be dominated by professionals.

Jokowi to Channel Ministerial Funds to Villages

The available budget to be disbursed to villages for the
Jokowi-Kalla administration is only Rp9.1 trillion.

Jokowi Stops Bus for Reporters

The president-elect abruptly stops his bus—which is part of
President Yudhoyono's motorcade—and asks reporters to step

Jokowi: I am Not Afraid

The president-elect says he is not frightened by the Prabowo-led
Red and White coalition's domination in the parliament.

2015 State Budget Provides Spaces for Jokowi Programs

Jokowi-Kalla government also has enough room to insert their
programs through the revised 2015 budget after the first half of

Jokowi Mulls Revising MP3EI

Jokowi has to consider the budget availability and the income
source to continue the project.

Jokowi's Transition Team to Meet With VP Boediono  

Chairperson of Jokowi's Transition Team is scheduled to meet
Vice President Boediono on Tuesday to discuss public welfare

Jokowi Denounces Mafia Practices

"We have oil, but we're still lining up to buy it. Why? Because
there are oil mafias," said Jokowi.

Jokowi Explains SBY's Reason for Not Increasing Fuel Price  

Jokowi explained that SBY did not want to add more burden to the
people by increasing fuel price.

Jokowi Urged to Solve Human Rights Cases in Papua

Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla must solve past human rights
violations and straighten history of Papua's integration to

Muhaimin: Party Officials Can Become Ministers

Earlier, president-elect Joko Widodo says party officials must
give up their structural posts at their parties to become his

Jokowi Scrutinizes 100 Names for Ministerial Seats

The candidates hail from multiple backgrounds.

Jokowi Urges Prabowo Supporters Not to Damage Parks

“Don’t damage the parks,” said Jokowi.

Jokowi Wants Monorail Project Design Revised

PT Jakarta Monorail has not been able to provide a clear concept
of the monorail project.

Jokowi Named Best Governmental Figure

Jokowi defeats the other two nominees, viz. outgoing President
Yudhoyono and Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini.