Joko Widodo

Prabowo Throws Weight behind Jokowi

Jokowi and Gerindra have shared goals to alleviate poverty
and preserve the country's wealth, the Gerindra Party chief
patron says.

ICW Gives Bad Score for Jokowi’s First 100 Days

Jokowi was lacking breakthroughs and agendas in the effort to
eradicate corruption, the anti-graft watchdog says.

It Could Be Game Over for Jokowi, Says PDI-P Politician  

An Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI_P) politician
calls on all parties to give the president a chance to get
things right.

Creative Economy Pegged to Raise Contribution by 200%

Newly-appointed head of the Creative Economy Agency aims to
increase the sector's contribution to the GDP by 200%.

Jokowi Urges for Simplified Investment Licensing Services

President Joko Widodo has urged the Investment Coordinating
Board to speed up and simplify investment licensing services
in Indonesia.

Jokowi Forms Independent Team to Reconcile KPK, Polri

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has formed an independent team
in order to find solutions from chaotic issues occurring
between KPK and Polri.

Jokowi Rejects Clemency for Andrew Chan

Lawyer Todung Mulya Lubis is planning to request a review
over the plea rejection.

Jokowi Asks for Realistic Macroeconomic Assumptions

Some macro assumptions that need to be made realistic include
economic growth target, crude oil prices, the rupiah exchange
rate against the US dollar

Jokowi to Visit Three Border Areas

The president will visit Temajok Village, Sambas Regency;
Entikong, Bangau Regency; and Badau, Kapuas Hulu Regency.

Jokowi to Inaugurate One-Stop Integrated Service

The one-stop integrated service (PTSP) will be officially
open in the fourth week of January.

Jokowi Asks Shipbuilding Industry to Focus on Production

To boost the shipbuilding industry and strengthen the maritime
sector, Jokowi asks the shipbuilding PT OAK Indonesia to focus
on production.

Golkar Negotiators Throw Weight behind Jokowi

The Golkar Party will support Jokowi as the people-elected
president for the next five years, M.S. Hidayat says.

RI Gears Up for Asia-Africa Conference Anniversary Commemoration  

The commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Asia-Africa
Conference (AAC) will take place in Bandung in April.

Jokowi Monitors 343 Media Outlets on Govt Performance

The president says the media's perception is based on the
performance of ministers and high-ranking state officials.

Jokowi Meets with Hendropriyono at State Palace

The former chief of the National Intelligence Agency (BIN)
says he does not know the agenda of the meeting yet.