Joko Widodo

Police Questions President on Obor Rakyat Case

The case files have been sent to prosecutors at the Attorney
General's Office.

Jokowi Calls for Irrigation Overhaul to Raise Food Production

In a bid to increase food production, President Joko Widodo has
instructed the acceleration of irrigation system development.

Bappenas to Serve as Jokowi's Think Tank  

Minister Andrinof A. Chaniago says now that Bappenas is put
directly under the president's control, the agency will play a
bigger role in development.

Jokowi to Revise State Budget Next Year

Proposal for the revised 2015 state budget will still be
consulted with the House of Representatives.

Jokowi to Review SBY’s MP3EI Program

Good policy will definitely be continued to avoid interrupted
policy, the coordinating minister for the economy says.

Jokowi Cabinet Unfavorable to Investors; JCI Corrected

Investors sell because they consider Jokowi's economic ministers
are not as good as the previous administration's, analyst says.

Jokowi Orders Ministers to Audit Organizations

President Jokowi has instructed newly-installed
Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Yuddy
Chrisnandi to oversee the audit.

New Cabinet's Economic Challenges  

Despite inheriting stable politics and economy from SBY,
Jokowi's economic ministers have tough challenges to tackle.

Market Focuses on Jokowi's First 100 Days in Office  

Analyst says if the first 100 days proved a success, the index
will exceed the 5,300-bps mark until the end of the year.

Jokowi's Economy Team Unconvincing: Analysts  

Economists doubt the competence of President Joko Widodo's
economic ministers in the cabinet.

Limited Fiscal Space for Jokowi  

Economist says Jokowi has little flexibility in spending the
state budget to execute his programs.

President Jokowi Announces Cabinet Members

President Joko Widodo announces the names of his cabinet members
at the State Palace, Jakarta.

Jokowi Announces Names of Cabinet Members

President Joko Widodo has finally announced the names of his
cabinet members at the State Palace.

E. Java Islamic Students Demand Jokowi's Promise on Santri Day  

Jokowi made the promise when he was campaigning in East Java
before the presidential election.

Jokowi to Inaugurate New Ministers on Monday

President Joko Widodo on Monday, October 27, 2014 at the State
Palace, is set to inaugurate his new ministers.